Class Styles

Paint & Plant

During this class, attendees will paint their own terracotta pot. Once finished painting, enjoy food, cake, and celebrate your special event. Once your pots are dry, pick out your own succulent or cactus to pot up.

The activity typically lasts about an hour leaving an hour to enjoy food, cake, or celebrate.



  • 2 hour room rental
  • 1 succulent or cactus
  • Terracotta Pot

Succulent Arrangement

During this class, attendees will create their own succulent arrangement.

The activity portion of this class typically lasts 45 minutes.



  • 2 hour room rental
  • 3 succulents or cacti
  • Arrangement Style Terracotta Pot
  • Decorations to add on top

Succulent Wreath

During this class, attendees will learn how to create their own living succulent wreath and how to care for it for years to come.

The activity portion of this class lasts an hour to an hour and a half.



  • 2 hour room rental
  • 8 inch grapevine wreath
  • 5 succulents
  • All materials needed to create your wreath
Private Events


Private event fee is $5 per person and caps at $100. This means that regardless of the group size, the event fee will not exceed $100.

Group Size Requirement

We require a minimum of 6 people per group for private events. Gather your friends, family, or colleagues and enjoy a memorable experience together.


To secure the date of your event, we require a $50 deposit. This deposit will be applied towards the total cost of the event, ensuring your reservation is confirmed.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to call at 734-274-3845.

Frequently asked question

Yes! You may come in early to set up for your event. Please send an email at so that we can arrange a time for you to come in.

Food and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed during our events.