Graptoveria Lilac Spoons

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Introducing Graptoveria Lilac Spoons, the enchanting succulent that exudes elegance! With its spoon-shaped leaves in stunning lilac hues, this captivating beauty adds a touch of grace to any space.

The rosettes of Graptoveria Lilac Spoons feature fleshy leaves with a powdery coating, giving them a soft and velvety appearance. Its compact size and symmetrical shape make it perfect for both indoor and outdoor displays, adding a charming accent to your plant collection.

This plant will be shipped as a rooted plug and should be potted in a 3-4 inch pot. It prefers bright, indirect sunlight and water when the soil is bone dry. This low-maintenance succulent is perfect for busy plant lovers. Its resilient nature allows it to tolerate drought, making it a water-wise choice for any garden or succulent arrangements.