Graptosedum 'Blue Giant'

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Graptosedum 'Blue Giant' is a small, low-growing succulent plant known for its beautiful blue-green leaves and delicate, pink flowers. It is a hybrid plant, created by crossing Graptopetalum paraguayense with Sedum pachyphyllum.

Main Features:

Color: Graptosedum 'Blue Giant' has beautiful blue-green leaves that are edged with purple. The leaves are also covered with a fine, white powder, giving them a unique and frosty appearance.

Shape: The leaves of Graptosedum 'Blue Giant' are small and pointed, growing in a rosette pattern around the center of the plant. The overall shape is compact and graceful, making it a beautiful addition to any indoor or outdoor garden.

Growing Zone:
Graptosedum 'Blue Giant' is hardy in USDA hardiness zones 9-11, making it well-suited for outdoor cultivation in warm climates. It can also be grown as a houseplant in cooler climates, as long as it is given plenty of light and well-draining soil. This plant is easy to care for and adapts well to a range of growing conditions.